Commissioning Management


CMS Commissioning Management Services are a company which specializes on Project Execution, Completion and Start-Up Solutions. We strive to excel within the industry by providing a distinctive quality verification service in an effective and efficient way. CMS was founded to fill the needs for an alternative Project Completion Commissioning Management System and emerged to answer the major challenge faced by the fabrication industries where owner and contractor required verification and certification for projects with a cheaper alternative. CMS have experience in managing, implementation and developing completion process solutions since the year 2000 on many projects. CMS recognize and understand problems associated with fabrication and construction practices on projects and strive to make the verification easy and reliable for the project partners. The CMS system is fully auditable at any time by third parties.


Provide the most cost effective and efficient project completion and commissioning solutions for the construction and fabrication industry


Establish Construction and Commissioning Project Management tool for Completion or Commissioning and attain high quality deliverables on budget and in timely fashion. Establish a common project-wide strategy and goal which will enable progressive verification of physical installation work, according to the design and specification of system equipment. Provide professional staff to ensure a high quality implementation of services and deliverables. Deliver integrity of a "ready for operations" status as scheduled and provide smooth transition process and hand-over of pre-defined systems and equipment.


CMS Commissioning Management Services had just released the new CMSapp VI March 2014, ready for your next project build and completion. Introducing new features and interfaces give the application a new look with increased performance. CMS maintain their competitiveness in completions and are still exempting license fees until the end of year 2014. Contact now for more information.
Email : info@cms-sg.com

What to do?

Call or email us to register your group. our sales team will contact you soon.

With the support of proven quality services, we provide a unique approach of managing your commissioning project.


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